The magic polygon flip time geometric symbol: Hublot Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu and One Click Sang Bleu

Cheap Hublot watches and Sang Bleu, a London tattoo studio, will launch two new Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu Cheap Hublot watcheses in 2018, one in blue and the other in white titanium. Another 39-millimeter Cheap Hublot Cheap Hublot watches, Big Bang One Click Sang Bleu, comes in six sizes, and the full range of Cheap Hublot Cheap Hublot watcheses is a must-have innovation time for players who love the art of tattoo art.

As soon as the Basel exhibition ended, hublot’s artistic ambassador Maxime Buchi traveled to Hong Kong to participate in the launch of the new Big Bang Sang Bleu wristCheap Hublot Cheap Hublot watches in 2018.

The world’s leading tattoo artist made tattoos for two of the ship’s guests at a party on the night of the event.
Maxime Buchi was invited to the Hublot event in Hong Kong to perform tattoo for the distinguished guests.
The digital structure of the Cheap Hublot Cheap Hublot watcheses is reminiscent of the famous Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci. Inspired by the tattoo work of Sang Bleu founder Maxime Buchi, the design echoes his worship of geometric symbols and turns his aesthetic ideas into reality through wrist Cheap Hublot Cheap Hublot watcheses.

The Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu wrist Cheap Hublot Cheap Hublot watches combines geometric diagonal lines and hexagonal rings to give a more stereoscopic effect. The dial is a satin polished ring with an hour mark on it. The Arabic numerals are in the shape of Maxime Buchi, designed for the Cheap Hublot Cheap Hublot watches. As for the stop-hand indication decorated on the face plate, giving time another dimension, there are no hands on the face plate. The time is shown by three layered rhodium-plated octagonal plates on the plate. The largest disk display hours, the second layer is the display minutes. In order to display the time clearly and clearly, there is an Angle in the octagonal disc that is particularly prominent and has the function of white night light display. As for the second hand, it is displayed on a central black turntable with the H – letter logo of Hublot and the stylized sandglass of Sang Bleu.
Big Bang One Click Sang Bleu All Black red wristCheap Hublot Cheap Hublot watches

Big Bang ‘Sang Bleu Cheap Hublot Cheap Hublot watches with original factory homemade hand’ automatic chain machine, in view of the new function, remove the original timing clock module, and an increase in display, minutes and seconds when the three groups of the dishes. The outline of the autodrive was designed with the Sang Bleu triangle logo. The design on the face plate extends to the case. The calf leather strap is lined with natural rubber. The Sang Bleu logo is engraved on the inside of the strap, bearing in mind the firm partnership between Hublot and Sang Bleu.

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