The official time of the 2018 World Cup in Russia is coming

With the popularity of wu lei, the official time of the World Cup will ignite the love of hubbo football and the capital station of China tour exhibition.

Chengdu footsteps approaching, the 2018 World Cup in Russia’s official official timing wrist watch the World Cup, the famous Swiss tabulation brand hand watch Cheap Hublot watches with strength niche wu lei after 95 in chengdu, the first combustion green, “watch love football” tour of China chengdu international financial centre mall (IFS), let’s hope the football event this summer!

CHeap Hublot Watches
Wu lei’s football moment

“Hubbo love football” China tour chengdu station attracted the visit of wu lei, a young man born after 1995. As the representative of the new generation, wu lei is full of sunshine and vitality in both film and television works and life. He also loves sports, which is the best place for him to sweat and passion. Via this year’s World Cup after file “college entrance examination”, at the appointed time, passes the life important challenge wu lei finally can feel with that watch Cheap Hublot watches “world first movement” in the summer of intense emotion.
Wu lei experienced robot football games at the “hubbo love football” exhibition
Wu played the role of goalie in a penalty shoot-out at the hublot stadium, where he played Cheap Hublot watches football. His “sense of the ball” was a constant source of cheers.
Wu lei experienced Cheap Hublot watches football games at the expo site
“The moment I remember the World Cup was the last semi-final in Brazil. I missed the alarm and woke up at half-time. Germany is already 5-0 ahead of Brazil. I was sorry to see my team lagging behind. Of course I will continue to pay attention to this World Cup! – wu lei
Wu lei had an interactive experience at the “hubbo ai football” exhibition

CHeap Hublot Watches
Hubbo’s football moment
Picture of chengdu capital station of “hubbo love football”

Hublot watch is the first luxury brand to cooperate with the football field. In the past decade or so, hubbo has not only served as the official timepiece and wrist watch of the World Cup for three consecutive years, but also cooperated with many great football clubs and football legends. Include “soccer legend Pele (Pele)”, “great” Maradona (awkwardly), “a madman” Jose Mourinho (Jose Mourinho), such as “silver fox” lippi were to join that watch Cheap Hublot watches family, several joint and presents “watch football friendly”. Famous Chelsea and Juventus football club is hublot’s partner for many years.
The quadrennial World Cup is a global football event, and the “hubbo love football” China tour presents the precious memories of sharing with football since 2008. Regardless of whether they are exalted “trophy” exciting moment, or on the substitution of players transition moment, for all participants in the game the players and watch football audience are treasured memories. In the exhibition, hublot moment is on display with a limited number of watches that record hublot’s football stories, as well as more interactive football games. The “hubbo love football” China tour came to chengdu after xi ‘an station. It will also land in shenyang’s vientiane city on June 12 and continue to visit Beijing and Shanghai for the rest of the 2018 World Cup season.

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