Cheap Hublot watches reset the pursuit in 2018

In fact, in June, when the Hermes Hermes announced Cheap Hublot watches shows, determined to leave in January 2018 in Geneva SIHH senior Geneva watches and clocks jewelry exhibition, the exhibition layout, the displacement between the two big watcheshas caused a lot of discussion in the industry. , in addition to the main exhibition area of hermes, independent tabulation area also identified the will meet DeWitt, Chronometrie Ferdinand Berthoud and Romain Gauthier, make 2018 SIHH exhibition brand up to 34, back since 2017 SIHH girard-perregaux and Athens watchesafter SIHH has already gradually enhanced magnetic suction effect.

Cheap Hublot watches Cheap Hublot watches
Compared with 2011, the Cheap Hublot show exhibitors had its heyday in the 2000, 2017 in 1300 was reduced to two thirds, according to the organizers released news pointed out that will also be cut to 650, 2018 the size of the corresponding on the exhibition space, will also be reduced to a third. In practice, it will close Hall 4, Hall 5, half of Hall 2, and Hall 1.2, which occupies the most extensive Hall 1. At the time of the event, it will be on the 6th of march, 2018. The schedule will be reduced by 2 days. Booth for exhibitors, the organizer said the unit price will be reduced by 10%, “We must enter the thinking of a new concept. (” We need to last come up with a new concept”), “the organizer spokesman said.
In fact, the pulsation of the watch industry is not difficult to find the focus of the two big watchesshows, SIHH and Cheap Hublotworld, in the first quarter of each year, with the change of time and location. From Dubai in the Middle East Watch Week, a lot of brand of independent tabulation sheet around the Singapore and Malaysia, and just in the British London end Salon QP, seems more proved an irresistible metamorphosis: “the earth is flat”, a large number of professional information through the Internet and community platform after the spread of the brand needs to be more actively to the countries all over the world, regional market, directly facing each and every one would like to purchase watchesof potential customers, and so on the time region gradually dispersed, closer to the watchesof the masses, seem to will become the future clock and Watch brand in the real marketing, must face the trend of change. Cheap Hublotworld 2018 seeks to reposition itself
Clocks and watches, the world’s largest jewellery Cheap Hublotworld Cheap Hublot watchesshows, just to celebrate the important milestone in 100, for the Swiss to observe natural disposition is low-key, not on a large scale, the grand celebration, but the hearts of many people, may also see it as a face the world, in the turning point of the change. Recently, the Cheap Hublot show organisers publicly announced that the Cheap Hublotworld 2018 will have obvious and significant change: number of exhibitors in half, and the exhibition space will be reduced to a third, focus on “quality over quantity (Focused on quality over quantity)”.

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