A new classic blend of mykonos is introduced to the Greek island

Greece.In the summer.The Cyclades.Mykonos island, without a doubt, is the quintessential Greek archipelago.The famous windmill…The blue and white tones have become a symbol of the island of mykonos.The new hublot watches, 45 mm in diameter, is decorated with an elegant spinning windmill at 3 o ‘clock, with a sporty and chic demeanor.Equipped with automatic upper chord timing, it is assembled from 207 parts, including 60 gems, and provides 42-hour power reserve.

The new cheap hublot watches is divided into two types: titanium metal and wang jin, with a limit of 50 titanium metal and 20 gold pieces.The hublot watches dial is hollowed out to give the ultimate visual enjoyment of the watch.Through the dial, the fine finishing and fine operation of the timing machine can be carefully rewarded.This is also the philosophy of the hublot: the mechanical core no longer hides behind the scenes, but comes to the front desk.

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The dial is decorated with a blue second hand accumulator, just like the clear water of Greece, which is also a symbol of the classic fused mykonos watch.The new hublot watches with a blue alligator strap (white rubber lining) is comforwatches, flexible and durable.The new hublot watches, which is 50 meters of water, represents the link between the earth and the sea, showing the value concept of the “art of fusion” of hublot watchess.

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