The special edition of cheap hublot watches

No better than ushuaia, the launch of the new Classic Fusion AeroFusion chronology, The special edition of cheap hublot watches. It is both a fashion and an island hub, as a symbol of modernity and authenticity, and uhuaiya has provided the perfect backdrop for the new work.

new edition hublot watches cheap

To celebrate this combination, the company has launched a new Classic Fusion AeroFusion chronometer.The wristwatch is 45 mm in diameter, with blue ceramics in its case and watch rings, reminiscent of the Mediterranean, sky and sea colors.Under the sky blue hollow dial, a homemade HUB1155 automatic upper chord timing core can be used to provide 42-hour power storage.

The stop-pin accumulator at 3 o ‘clock is decorated with the famous peace symbol, replacing the conventional pointer.The peace symbol represents the hippies of the 1960s, and now they are a symbol of the island.Watch list, new Classic Fusion AeroFusion timing clock Ibiza island special edition of set limit to issues 50 pieces, each wrist decoration unique Numbers from 1 to 50, and inscribed on the bottom of the watches sapphirine crystal “hand Loves Ibiza” love Ibiza island (watch).Hublot is a special edition of the Classic Fusion AeroFusion chronometer ivesa

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