Champion GeLuoFu become ambassador of hublot watches

As early as 2012, Replica Hublot watches has become the world boxing council (WBC) partners in the world. Nowadays, brand
continue the cooperation with the world, hand in hand, Gennady
Gennady JiYe vicki GeLuoFu gold (Gennady Gennadyevich
Golovkin).We would like to see his insistence on nature, to
value. It is these characteristics.It always can guide him in an incredible victory in battle. GeLuoFu gold is a brilliant
boxing champion.

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Kazakhstan prizefighter gennady GeLuoFu gold full name,
gennady JiYe vicki GeLuoFu gold, nicknamed by name the acronym
“GGG”.It is currently the WBA/the WBC/IBO/IBF welterweight
professional boxing champion of the world. GeLuoFu gold record
have seen, 36 games 33 K.O., tasted a failure. On Saturday,
March 18. “kazakhstan” thunder (another of his nickname) for
the first time to go watch watches flags, legend in New York
City’s Madison garden gave a memorable battle. GeLuoFu gold
against American boxer “miracle” Jacobs (Jacobs), and shows
Hublot watches logo on the shorts. In this special time, the
central ring is also decorated with bright watch list.
Announced a new partnership, watch watches to launch three new
special edition watch. From the fist to the wrist, only a few
inches, GeLuoFu gold undoubtedly has entered a “watch list”

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The first paragraph is King Power ‘special edition GeLuoFu
gold wrist watch. The watch 48 mm in diameter, with ‘movement,
can provide 72 – hour power reserve. Watchcase and watches by
the famous black ceramic watches same as cheap nixon watches which inner ring and yellow marked blue dial add profusion colour. 12 o ‘clock position with GeLuoFu acronym of gold, and his personal logo – two gloves hit together – are set to 9 o ‘clock position. End of
sapphire crystal watches decoration three G and the signature
of the GeLuoFu gold gold letters, the watch of wrist of set
limit to 25.

Paragraph 2 of the same set limit to 25, decorated with
GeLuoFu the golden world boxing champion belt match colors:
gold! Watch case, watch ring and crown by the king, and gold,
this is the watch watches independent research and development
of unique alloy, brightness, hardness and durability. The file
of inner ring and Pointers to 12 o ‘clock position of the
three letters G, bring out the best in each other at 9 o
‘clock position of boxing gloves. The third section is very
unique, dazzling. Wang Jin casing on set with 248 diamonds,
the total weigh 1.97 carat. Bezel set with 48 diamonds cut
diamonds rectangle, the total weigh 2.40 carat. Three letters
G and the location of the boxing gloves in accordance with the
preceding two paragraphs wrist watch.

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